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Dek Nieuw 49 baht Steaks

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Had a nice dinner (actually) at a 49 baht steak place that just opened recently in KK north of the KKU Lotus on Mittraphap Rd. (northbound lanes).  Interestingly the restaurant is located at a used car dealership (TIT). The restaurant opens at 4 pm until approx. 10 pm. The 49 baht gets you a chicken "steak" and fries with a salad. They also have various pork steaks starting at 59 baht. They also have a pork chop entre and barbequed ribs (w/sweet BBQ sauce) - 129 baht, as well as fried fish and salmon "steaks" and various cuts of beef. I wasn't brave enough to try the beef.
However, the pork steak was good (59 baht). My entre, the ribs, were cooked well, to fall off the bone but not mushy. The chicken steak was typical. This place is  across the highway from the KK Postal Center and the Teachers Saving Bank (about 100 m south of the KK dinosaur). There was no sign indicating it but you can get a beer here also.

good info -where exactly is this - near to the main tesco lotus near mcdonalds or heading north out of the city to the next tesco lotus

Northern Khon Kaen. Heading north to Udorn. Just across the highway from the Khon Kaen Postal Center on Mittraphap, about 0.5 KM south of the Bypass Exit.

Just stopped there last night for the ribs, again. Still a great deal - 4 meaty tender US sized ribs, fries and salad for 129 baht.

You can have the same at home.  Go to the Mahachai Store (several in Khon Kaen), buy a frozen package of large barbeque ribs (the ribs come with 8 bones-large marinated in great barbeque sauce), almost fully cooked, for 170 baht.  Buy salad fixings and french fries there too, or go to Makro to buy.  Thaw the ribs and then bake them at 140 degrees C for 40 minutes in a cooker, cut up your salad and pour on dressing while you deep fry your fries.  The ribs are great.  We keep 3 or 4 packs in the freezer and then thaw them out when we decide to have ribs.  Instead of fries, we steam Vietnamese sweet potatoes.  For our salad, we cut up a head of lettuce, then pour Caesar's dressing on it and add Balsamic vinegar too.  If we want more veggies, we thaw and heat some frozen veggies similar to Succotash.


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