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Author Topic: Bank Account  (Read 11309 times)


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Re: Bank Account
« Reply #60 on: February 06, 2019, 12:04:56 PM »

Rex, your comments:

"[font=]There was no mention of work permit or retirement visa.  Not interested.  She explained that the regulations making it difficult or impossible for foreigner to get online banking had been relaxed recently.  That is good news and theoretically means that I might have gotten this done at my other branch at Na Muang. "[/font]

[font=]The women is full of it, easy to tell you the problem has gone away.  I have had an ATM and online banking since 2010  at BBL at a branch in Bangkok.  It took me less than an hour to get all of it set up with the final step me going out to the ATM macine and doing whatever was required.[/font]

[font=]I can almost guarantee that something is in your record that prohibits them from doing what was necessary to give you online banking on your Nai Muang Branch account. If you don't need that account anymore, I would take all the money out of it, maybe perhaps leave 20 baht in it, and let it disappear.  They don't like to cancel an account, and you might have to go to the Nai Muang Branch to do it as what happened to my friend who considered closing his Buriram Branch account.  They told him he had to go to that specific branch to close the account.[/font]