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Author Topic: UKBA are corrupt  (Read 1266 times)


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UKBA are corrupt
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:23:54 AM »
yes, you heard it..and would not believe it.

my wife applied last year for 6 month visit visa and was given it no problem. she returned home on time.  this year we thought we would try for 2 year multi-entry but the UKBA website was faulty and did not allow anything apart from 6 month visit visa. Anyway,  long story  short, after 50 minutes phone call to my wife, she was interrogated and during this they came up with 3 very poor and incorrect reasons to refuse.
they keep your 100.  small mercy, thank buddha it wasn't a 2 year visa or that would have been 400..
the refusal states it cannot be contested.  this so far has proven true because I have gone to the 1st tier tribunal in UK who basically back up the robbing bast*ds UKBA..

why not a resident visa?  it would be a waste of 2,000+ because long term I want to move here. I have friends who live in the UK and they are a long way ahead but aim to move here in the future.

anyway it is a political numbers game with UKBA having unwritten visa totals and they use ANY means to get the numbers down. the law was changed 2014 so you cannot contest visa refusals, because my friend had the exact same thing but he went to court and won.

what upsets me is seeing the number of couples in the uk (for example at thai festivals,etc) and also the number of thai on the plane.

so unless i come here for holidays (or at some point permanently), we live apart.

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Re: UKBA are corrupt
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2016, 11:28:43 AM »
Bummer!   cry2

Thanks for reporting this!
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