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Author Topic: Van Khon Kaen to Udon Thani  (Read 2504 times)

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Van Khon Kaen to Udon Thani
« on: November 03, 2015, 05:39:00 PM »
Tue 3 Nov 2015, 5:24 pm

Hi ForumMates!

Awhile ago, we were discussing mini-vans Khon Kaen to Udon Thani and there was a certain amount of fuzziness surrounding the issue.  Here is an up-up-up-UPDATE . . .   There are two mini-van companies. One departs from the old Aircon bus station near Roma Hotel, but I don't have any info about them.

The other company has a little "station" in front of Central Plaza.  From the outside, the mini-vans look new and shiny and in good condition.

We only checked on Udon.  Does anyone know what other destinations they go to?

1.  Depart Udon Thani every 30 min.  No booking is possible, but if one is full, you can catch the next one.
2.  No standing.  Everyone gets a seat.
3.  I forget if it is 80 THB or 100 THB.
4.  Offloads at the main bus station in Udon Thani
4a.  I think you can ask the driver to let you off before that if he is driving past your destination.
5.  Trip is approximately 90 minutes, depending upon traffic.

6.  Real taxi from bus station to Airport, 150 THB, no meter

BIG Thank You to Ms. Fonski for doing this research!  smiley32[size]