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Author Topic: Retirement visa renewal at Khon Kaen this afternoon (9th Sep 2020)  (Read 500 times)


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Retirement visa renewal at Khon Kaen this afternoon (9th Sep 2020)
« on: September 09, 2020, 06:18:03 PM »
Yes, I know its not a visa renewal but an extension renewal the original visa having expired yonks ago.

Kasikorn Thai bank 11am.  Printing out the past year's statement on request was no problem.  Getting a letter stating my address and account number and current balance was a problem.  Even though I took them last year's letter as an example they said the system had changed.  I had taken out 1,000 baht by ATM outside so the account had a transaction today but the girl clerk want an input payment so I paid back in the same 1,000 baht note I had just taken out.  She made a host of phone calls finally printing out two pieces of paper.  One with today's 2 x 1,000 baht transactions, and one with the current balance which agreed with the final page of the statement.  Back home to copy and sign everything, including a copy of every page of my bank passbook.

Had lunch and went to immigration at 2pm.  It was packed.  The latest number being processed was 44 and I had 78.  Fortunately many had given up and gone home so not every number was a person

Things were interrupted when a high ranking delegation of police arrived.  A very senior one with lots of braid on the peak of his hat and his retinue of of 6 or 7 others.  Everything stopped for lots of photos.

I was finally seen at 4.15, the longest I have ever waited at Khon Kaen.  The lady officer, the desk on her own furthest from the door, checked all 12 income payments of greater than 65,000 baht, which I had listed in a separate letter, against the bank statement and numbered them to make sure there were 12.  She was not in the slightest bit interested in my bank passbook, nor in the copies of each page.  They were superceded by the year's statement from the bank I suppose.  What she did ask for was a letter from my embassy stating where my income came from.  The UK embassy of course no longer provides such a letter.  But I did have with me a statement from the UK pensions office in Newcastle and one from my company pension provider both stating my income.  She accepted them, but didn't check any figures.

I paid the 1,900 baht, got back 100 baht and was told to go and copy the receipt.  By the time I got back, 5 baht poorer for the copy, my passport had been stamped up to date and was ready for me.  What happened next was unusual.  I was sent to the desk nearest the door and my photo was taken and printed out on  a TM7 form with all my details neatly printed in.  I was told to sign that, front and back on separate sheets, and that was it done for another year. 

I wonder what delights the bank and immigration have for me next September.

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Re: Retirement visa renewal at Khon Kaen this afternoon (9th Sep 2020)
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2020, 06:31:08 PM »
Thanks for this thorough report, LungBing. Very helpful, although not very pleasant.

In past years, the bank letter has taken all of five minutes at Kasikorn at Na Muang.  The clerk did in front of me right at the desk. You completely lost me about the B1,000 transactions. What does that accomplish?  Your balance is your balance  on the date they sign the letter. 

Why Imm is so fussy about the date of this letter is a complete mystery to me. Is there any logic explaining why it has to be on the same day as you file your extension? What nefarious business would you have to be up to if you got it the day before?

With the recession coming and tourism unlikely to bounce back for many months or more, one would hope that Imm would be more welcoming of expats bringing in B800K every years.  It certainly won't cure the country's woes, but it's "found money" that that helps support the Thailand economy. 

Oh well, if I am so damn smart, why aren't I rich?


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Re: Retirement visa renewal at Khon Kaen this afternoon (9th Sep 2020)
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2020, 07:17:22 PM »
LungBing, you did good.  You know your withdrawal of 1,000 baht, be happy that the bank clerk asked you to make a deposit.  That is what Immigration wants to see, a deposit.  Why?  Who knows.  Like I said describing when I went in late August, Bangkok Bank actually has a form that has to be minimally filled out so they have traceability I guess that they sent out a letter to "To Whom It May Concern."  The rest of your description was the same as my process other than the I/O did not ask me for a letter from my Embassy, she accepted the letters from the US Social Security Administration and the letter from my Employer right away.  She was very pleased that I had a listing of my international transfers and that I had highlighted the transactions in the 1-year statement.  Of all the items presented only the 1-year statement and the self-prepared listing of the deposits were seriously looked at plus the std items included in the passport, the 90-Day Receipt and the Departure Card.

So you had to get a copy of the receipt, huh?  The I/O I had did not request a copy be made, just gave me my copy and completed the extension process.  Maybe the copier person needed the funds!