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Author Topic: Retirement extension (42 days in advance of expiration) Non-O at KK IO today in  (Read 173 times)


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 Retirement extension (42 days in advance of expiration) Non-O at KK IO today in under 30 minutes!
Arrived at about 10:35. Greeter directed me to the slightly relocated Copy machine. I told him I had everything already so was allowed in. Took a number (53). Took a seat . Service highest number was 41. An IO came over and checked over the docs I had and was satisfied.
About 20 minutes along they began calling numbers. No one got up. By the time 47 was called the IO motioned to me to come up.

I had all my docs in order and was given the acknowledgment forms that I had been advised and understood the rules on overstay and then the 1900 fee was collected (“no tip?”) I told him I was broke. He went to get supervisor’s rubber stamps and signatures . I slid him a folded 100 baht and he seemed happy and said “see you at 90 day” and that was it.

DOCs  presented:
TM7  with photo attached ( I used one from last year making sure I wore the same shirt as in the photo)
Passport – data page plus all pages with visa or entry stamps
TM6 departure card
Bankbook with copy of title page and transaction pages showing 800k on deposit for 2 months
Bank letter* dated same day ( 100 thb bank fee for the letter)

I was prepared to show my wife’s Blue House Book and  copy with her signature on the pages, her Thai ID with copy also with her signature and my Yellow book. None of these were asked for although when I did my 90 day last week a supervisor told me that the Blue House book was needed.

* I went to the Thanachart Bank branch on Mittraphap and was told that since my account opening branch was Central Plaza (now closed because of COVID-19) my account had been transferred to the Klang Mueang branch (across from Fairy Plaza). I drove over there and it took about 25-20 minutes to get the letter. Point here is if your account is from a bank branch in Central checked to see if it has been relocated.