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Author Topic: Online 90 Day Reporting  (Read 115 times)


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Online 90 Day Reporting
« on: March 24, 2020, 01:38:44 PM »
I know there is another thread that has a wealth of information/subject matter, visas, tm47, tm28, tm30, etc., and so to ferret out only the online reporting takes a bit of time and hard to reply on one subject.  So, I have started this thread just for Online 90 Day Reporting.

Did my first.  Of course I was nervous figuring I'd get the message that you needed to go to your local Immigration Office, but I proceeded anyway.

The easiest "application site" is to click on the following.  It bypasses the screen of the download guide, etc.
There is quite a bit of inputting much like the manual form, at least two pages.  They emphasize the correctness of the information throughout, at each step as you do your "submits."  Once you do the final review and click "submit" and if everything is acceptable to the application, your application is presented with a "PENDING".  You print that page (or save it in .pdf.)  You will need the Transaction Reference Number to access the site to see if your applicaiotn has been approved.It then tells you to go to that first page again (where you started) and click on the box "check status of your application".  Make sure you have the "Transaction Reference Number" to input  on the screen (or click on the other tab indicating "Passport" and enter the info they ask.  Either way you should get an immediate response, hopefully "Approved".This is a good way to do it now that we are in a somewhat of a lockdown.

If you wait a few minutes, like maybe 15 minutes, you can then go to the bottom of the "APPROVED" sheet and click on "The Next Appointment (PRINT)" and they will provide you with the "Receipt of Notification", which you can then print and attach to your Passport.

I used Google chrome to access the site.
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