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Author Topic: Dulyapat School, Waldorf School in Khon Kaen  (Read 1085 times)


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Dulyapat School, Waldorf School in Khon Kaen
« on: July 12, 2017, 06:15:31 PM »
Dulyapat school is owned by non-profit organization- Dulyapat Foundation. Dulyapat school is a Waldorf school recognized by the European Waldorf World List. The intention is to build up a Waldorf education under the light of Anthroposophy and their own culture.

Currently the school have about 100 students with 16 teachers and it is starting the fifth year. The school provide Waldorf Education for nursery from 2.5 of age, kindergarten up to class 1-7 so far. As plan and approved from Ministry of Education, school capable to provide Waldorf Education up to class 9. The school is certified from the Ministry of Education as an alternative school which are officially similar to those of the mainstream establishment, providing education under the Ministry of Educationís Basic Core Curriculum.

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