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Open discussion / Re: Thailand's National Savings Plan - Free Money
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:35:29 PM »
 Very interesting Frank. My wife is almost 60 and she said she was going to take the 600bt a month when its time. Im not sure how I feel about it because 600 bt is nothing and we certaintly dont need it. Do you know if other falangs wives take the money?

 Here in the village, they announce on the speakers when the money arrives and people have to go pick it up. My wife said her sister, who lives in KK city, has it deposited in her bank account.

  Do you know if my wife could open a Krung Thai account, have her 600bt  SS deposited each month and have the government also deposit the 1,220 baht each year?

Getting to and from Khon Kaen / Flying to Don Meuang
« on: October 07, 2015, 09:44:27 AM »
 I want to fly down to Don Meuang, maybe in November. It might be a spur of the moment thing.

Id like to know, if I just show up at the airport, what are my chances of getting on the next flight? Ive done it before, but its been several years since and maybe things have changed. If I recall, every flight Ive taken had at least a few seats empty.

Also, how does that work booking a flight online and paying at 7/11?

New Member Introductions / Re: Hello!
« on: September 30, 2015, 10:24:54 AM »
Hi Stefano and welcome.

 Issan is a great place to ride if you have a big bike.

 There are some farang bike clubs around. very friendly guys and open to new members. Theres a new club in Udon, Meykong Thunder, is the name if I remember correctly.

 Maybe one of the big bike shops can help you find them.

 Good luck, Henry

Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals / Re: Rachapreuk Hospital
« on: September 23, 2015, 01:34:26 PM »
 My wife and I knew nothing about blood pressure until 2 dentists refused to pull one of her teeth because her bp was too high.(169/102).

 I called my sister who is a registered nurse who works with the elderly, and explained the situation. She said not to take any medications until she tries to lower her bp with diet. After a lifetime of eating Issan food, loaded with salt, she says this new diet has absolutley no taste, but it did the trick. In just a few weeks, her bp was down to 100/60!  By the way, looking back, her high bp was most likley the reason twice in the past year, she passed out on the floor after getting up in the middle of the night.
 Her diet is very bland, but we still go out about once a week and she eats whatever she wants without any problems.

 We bought a bp monitor for about 2300 bt and I found out I have low bp. About 95/55. I thought that was great, but acording to the internet, low bp can be just as dangerous as high. I often get dizzy when I stand up. Ill have to check with the doc about that.

 Out in the countryside where I live, they have government clinics that serve the surrounding villages. They teach one person from each village how to take a blood pressure. He has a list of everyone with high bp, and once a month, he goes to the clinic and they give him enough pills for everyone in his village. Everyone is happy, they can keep eating thier papaya salad.

 The larger towns have clinics that are open at night. They are private practices run by doctors who work at hospitals in KK during the day. The guy I go to is great. He takes one look at me and knows whats wrong. Once, I just sat down and he said, "oh, you have a vitamin b deficiency". He was right. Another time, I thought I had an alergic reaction to something. The dr. took one look and said I have shingles. Actually, he was speaking Thai and said I have "gnu sawat". i asked if he knew the English word for it. He thought for a minute and said, "herpes". This really freaked me out. All I know about herpes is there is no cure and now I have it on my face! The next day I called my sister and was relieved to find out it was shingles. The doctor visit and medication was only 900 bt.   (by the way, shingles is a form of herpes).

 So anyway, for me the small clinics are the way to go for small stuff and Rachapreuk for everything else.

Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals / Rachapreuk Hospital
« on: September 21, 2015, 01:09:20 PM »
 Rachapreuk Hospital is one I dont hear mentioned too often. Ive tried other hospitals in KK and wasnt really impressed. They were just, ok. Then I tried this one and I really like it.

 Its not fancy and even looks a bit old. There is some wait time, but not unreasonable. All the employees are very pleasant and that makes the whole experience as good as a hospital visit can be.

 The Doctors Ive seen have been spot on with a diagnosis and treatment.

 They have Health check-up pakages of different kinds and as Im getting older and havent had a complete physical in many years, I just went in and had the gold package, that is the whole works. I was a bit concerned about what they might find. When I get up in the morning, I feel like crap. As the day goes on, I start to feel better. So, anyway, I thought, what the hell, lets see what they find.

 I went in about 8am and it takes about 4-5 hours for the tests and then the results. Im not sure if they speak much English as no one attempted to. When I went in to see the Dr, what a surprise. There was a beautiful young girl that didnt look more than 18-19 years old. (She was probably 25-30, but you know how it is here). She started explaining the results and I had to stop her. I said, sorry, but I really dont understand, can you speak English? She said, "Oh, ok, and then in perfect English, explained the results.

 To my surprise, everything was fine. The only thing was an enlarged prostate, but I knew that and its normal for someone my age. At least the PSA was ok. They gave me all the paperwork and when I got home, I looked everything up on the internet to see what it means and check the numbers.

 The health packages start around Bt 1500. The gold package I got was Bt 8,800. My sister in the US works in a hospital and said it would be about 10 times that amount there!

 Rachapreuk Hospital has a website that describes the packages in detail.

 I have nothing to do with the hospital other than being a satisfied customer. I feel comfortable here, compared to other hospitals I felt were trying to squeeze every last baht out of me they could.

 It wasnt my wife. It was a Thai friend of hers.

 I uaually do ok on my own. Its been my experience to notice a Thai will negotiate with a tuk tuk and always take that one even if not too pleased with the price.

If I dont like the price the first one offers, I just walk to the next one. He has seen that I will walk away if Im not happy with the price and he will give me a fair price.

All I ask is to be fair and if they cant do that Ill walk to my destination.

Thanks Lung Bing,

 I assume the taxis dont use meters because a friend of my wife just took a cab from the new terminal to a hospital in town and was charged Bt 250!!

I want to go to the train station. Ill be taking a bus into KK and assume I will be taken to the new #3 terminal.

Im sure I can take a taxi to the train station, but will I also be able to get a songthaew that goes there?

Open discussion / Re: House rental company
« on: September 10, 2015, 12:11:55 PM »

 I think you would be asking for trouble renting your house to Thais. Falang, maybe. Just my opinion.

Where to find . . . / Re: What is best place to buy mattress?
« on: September 03, 2015, 11:02:50 AM »
I think the name of the place is "Koncept" Its just past Global House on the same side.

Ive bought a few mattresses there and they are top notch.

We have bought alot of furniture there over the years. Thier stuff is good quality at an afordable price. Other places we looked, were either high end and very expensive or just plain crap.

Sometimes you can talk them down a bit at koncept. Espesialy, if buying alot of stuff.

Good luck.

Open discussion / Re: Exchange Rates
« on: August 01, 2015, 08:42:48 AM »
 A question for you Frank. When your pension is deposited in the BB New York branch, does it automaticly show up on your account here or do you have to transfer it yourself?

 My US bank charges 3% foreign transfer charge! From now on, I plan to transfer through the New York office. I have all the info I need to do the transfer, Im just waiting till I need more cash.

 For me, any exchange rate is good. Anything is better than the 25B to the $ I was getting for years. 1998 was like Christmas when the rate was around 50B-$!!!

Where to find . . . / Re: Windows 8.1 Pop-UPs
« on: July 23, 2015, 08:39:21 AM »
Thanks, Ill give it a go.

Where to find . . . / Re: Windows 8.1 Pop-UPs
« on: July 22, 2015, 01:44:06 PM »
 I recently bought a laptop at Power Buy, and they told me to buy Windows 8.1, and they installed it for me.

So far everything seems to work ok. Someone suggested I download AVG antivirus which I did.

My question is, how do I check to see if the firewall and update is on? Please keep in mind, I dont know what firewall and update is, and Im stupid.

Thanks, Henry

Food, Dining, Restaurants / Re: Tawantong vegetarian restaurant
« on: June 30, 2015, 12:56:03 PM »

 The resaurant has moved. Its bigger and better. I looked on one of those travel sites, and all of the reviews were "excellent". Ive never seen that before. Its so clean, its hard to believe its in Thailand!

 Its on Ammat road. All I can say is get on Ammat road and keep going south. Its on the left and has a big sign.

 As I said, all the veg. places Ive been to have been really good. They make a good laap out of soy that taste better than alot of places that use meat.

Food, Dining, Restaurants / Tawantong vegetarian restaurant
« on: June 29, 2015, 04:31:46 PM »
 I think this is one of the best restaurants in KK. I always thought of vegetarian food as "rabbit food", a little lettuce some carrot sticks, but after my liver called it quits, I had to alter my diet.

 What a surprise when I started eating at veg. places. When done right, its as good as any other food.

 All the vegetarian restaurants Ive been to in KK have been really good when it comes to the food, but Tawantong adds cleanliness and atmosphere. They also have a good health food store.

 I dont have any connection to the place. Someone told me about the place and I just want to pass it on.


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