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Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals / Re: Rachapreuk Hospital
« on: January 13, 2019, 04:33:16 PM »
A few years ago I posted in this thread (under a slightly different username as forgot the old logon) about my experience getting a full-body checkup at Rajapruek Hospital (or Rachapruek / Ratchaphruek whatever spelling you preferr :-\ ).

Two days ago I went there for the third time (trying to do one each year), and still impressed with the place - so just wanted to update for those of you who are considering one of those checkups but are still sitting on the fence.

The previous two times the checkup was at the old Rajapreuk, which was really and old overcrowded building with peeling paint, but what I've always loved about the place was the dedication and friendliness of all staff. That, combined with the affordability of the checkup made me come back each time.

Since I live in Chiang Mai, I was not aware of the amazing new Rajapreuk Hospital building (which opened in August apparently), so was quite surprised when the Grab car dropped me off there. The place is beautifully designed with green open spaces and plants everywhere, just like an upmarket hotel. Cafeteria, Amazon Coffee shop and minimarket inside downstairs too.

In the old hospital the checkups were done within the existing infrastructure: it was always crowded, and I once had my ECG done in the office of the delivery doctor, with hundreds of photos of mums with babies decorating every wall of the office. However now there is a separate wing of the hospital fully dedicated to check-ups.

Beautiful architecture, spacious and well-designed interior and amazingly efficient service, with the same trademark friendliness and dedication that the old hospital was renowned for. I got in just after 9am and all tests were finished around 10:30, everything back-to-back with only 5-10 minutes waiting in between the different checkups. They then gave me a voucher for the cafeteria (nice because you need to be fasting when you arrive; the cafeteria has hot Thai food, a coffee stall and a fruit stall) and asked me to come back at 11:30 for the results.

So in-and-out in 2.5 hours all up. With the two daily flights from and to Chiang Mai (including a very early one CNX-KKC), it makes it easy to do a fly-in-fly-out for this (also from Bangkok, of course). Note that you have to arrive fasting (no food or drink in the 8 hours before the test).

I still don't speak much Thai at all, but most staff speak some English, the ones that don't whip out their Google Translator, and the end report that gets presented after all tests are complete was also in English (plus one booklet in Thai, but the same info also provided in English). It is presented by the same older female doctor who used to present the results at the old hospital, and who speaks good English.

The all-in checkup program used to be called the Gold Package in the old hospital, however now it is called "Smart Business" and basically includes physical examination, chest X-ray, full abdomen ultrasound, ECG, and a range of blood and urine tests including diabetic tests and several cancer markers. More details here - it is priced at 7500 baht for men and 9000 baht for women (as the female version has extra tests).

This pricing is lower than the original Gold Package from previous years, is significantly lower than what I've seen in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and given my experience still well worth the cost (never knew I had gall stones until I saw them in all their glory on the ultrasound screen lol). The beautiful new hospital experience was an added bonus.

I usually make an appointment by email prior, however with the new setup it may be possible to just rock up when they open in the morning - but you may want to confirm (particularly as I'm not sure the English speaking doctor who discusses the results works every day).

Just wanted to share this as it is useful to get these checkups as we age, but many other hospitals are over-priced and/or treat you like you're in a factory. Rajapreuk is still refreshingly different. I will be back there next year.

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