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Be prepared, several of the protest leaders and their entourage are coming to Khon Kaen to initiate agitation.  A services group is meeting with the Khon Kaen Chief of Police this Friday to request the police to make sure the city is well protected.

They built and have now opened the right turn coming out of the airport.  No more going several kilometers out of the way and having to do a U-turn at the stop light to go to the Bypass or to head West.  There is a red light there to allow some traffic control.  You wonder when the first several accidents will occur where Thai drivers ignore the light!

Hey, it is not the students that are going to cause the problem.  Take a look at some of the pictures and videos.  Most of the ones that are agitators are the older generation, ala the Red Shirt movement is coming back.  You have to wonder where the money to support 'their cause' is coming from, maybe quite a bit from someone who is 'exiled' from the country since he doesn't want to come back and face justice.  (Just what we need another Yingluck in charge.)

The monarchy is the monarchy just like any other country that has royal ancestors just like England, Sweden, Japan, etc.  I expect "these Thais interpretation of Democracy" is a very poor cousin to what a Democracy really is.  Especially, if they are told that part of the democratic process is to pay your fair share of taxes, most of them will deny that is what it is all about.  If you don't pay, how do you play?

Yes, I agree that the current situation with many senior military personnel running the government needs to be changed, but not to what the Red shirts and the Pheu Thai perceive it to be.

Too much politics!

Alerts and News about the Region and the World / Swiss Air last flight
« on: September 19, 2020, 01:18:06 PM »
We have been told by a Thai friend of ours who is now stuck in Switzerland.  After today, 19 September, Swiss Air will no longer fly to Thailand until after the pandemic is under better control, especially in Europe.

I understand the student demonstrators and all those who are joining them (as agitators) have accessed the campus.  My suggestion lock them in the campus grounds, don't let them out, no water or food and no internet!  Maybe they will think twice.

Dealing with Thailand government / Relocation of Khon Kaen Immigration
« on: September 09, 2020, 07:23:44 PM »
I understand the building is essentially completed.  It is located North of where the Bypass intersects Mittraphap Road going to towards Udorn.  It is close to the Land Transport Office on the left had side.  For those who don't have wheels, it will be a trip!

Has anyone heard any word of when their move will happen?

Oh yes, Smiley Boy there as Counter #1 has transferred.

LungBing, you did good.  You know your withdrawal of 1,000 baht, be happy that the bank clerk asked you to make a deposit.  That is what Immigration wants to see, a deposit.  Why?  Who knows.  Like I said describing when I went in late August, Bangkok Bank actually has a form that has to be minimally filled out so they have traceability I guess that they sent out a letter to "To Whom It May Concern."  The rest of your description was the same as my process other than the I/O did not ask me for a letter from my Embassy, she accepted the letters from the US Social Security Administration and the letter from my Employer right away.  She was very pleased that I had a listing of my international transfers and that I had highlighted the transactions in the 1-year statement.  Of all the items presented only the 1-year statement and the self-prepared listing of the deposits were seriously looked at plus the std items included in the passport, the 90-Day Receipt and the Departure Card.

So you had to get a copy of the receipt, huh?  The I/O I had did not request a copy be made, just gave me my copy and completed the extension process.  Maybe the copier person needed the funds!

Visas, et al / Re: Retirement extension - Monthly income method
« on: August 18, 2020, 05:35:58 PM »
REPLY TO Your Requests:

If it is OK with you, if you could e-mail me a copy of the bank letter, I can post a legible copy for everyone. 

REPLY: Of course, I can try.  It was a PDF copied letter that I used as the basis.  Not sure if I can do better.1. BANK LETTER :  I understand that the bank letter must--for whatever bizarre reason--be dated the same day you apply for the extension.  Is that also the case for the copies of your statements?

REPLY:  The bank statement takes 5 days to process and it is dated from what previous year's day you request until the date you submit the request as the most current.  Mine was until the 11th of August even though I picked it up on the 18th and then went to IMM.  You need to make sure the transfer for the month you are requesting the extension is identified and there is a transfer.  Also, you need a copy of the last page of entries of the bank book on the day you pick up the statement and it should be stamped with the bank stamp and the person's initial.  Also, yo need a copy of the 1st page of the bank book with the Bank Stamp on it.2.  BANK BOOK :  They have never been interested my bank book or copy even though I always bring them.  However, the last time I updated my book in the machine, it printed a new page on top of an existing page.  There were other glitches with the machine too.  It is not a useful document. I wonder how much of a problem that is going to be?

REPLY:  I had the same problem last year but then they used the bank statement.  You still need a copy of the bank book.

Visas, et al / Re: Retirement extension - Monthly income method
« on: August 18, 2020, 04:16:42 PM »
Well, I went today to get my retirement extension.

Of course, the most important thing to do after filling out the Extension Request Form was to get the 1-year Bank Statement, and the letter from the bank stating the account was mine.  My bank is BBL so I went to the Central Plaza Branch.  No issue with the Bank Statement, but be prepared for the 5 business day waiting period and it not arriving at the branch before 1330 on that fifth day.  That doesn't leave too much time to go home and make a copy for yourself and then get to Immigration.

Now the letter was a different story.  Even though the person spoke English, not sure who's English she understood, but I had to describe in writing and a picture of what I wanted.  Then she said oh yes, and left.  Bought back a form I had to sign in doublet and said 100 baht please.  So, I did what I had to do, give up another 100 baht.  It took them over 15 minutes to get the two liner prepared and printed.  What a crock.  I have attached a copy.

Molly, Cubicle #2 I/O, took care of me.  She browsed through the information without looking closely at anything but the copy of my bank book to see the highlighted transactions for depositing the Foreign transfers, but only a cursory review, no detail.  Did not look at the Bank Statement or the letter. Thanked me for highlighting the copies (bank book, Bank Statement) and providing the transfer spread sheet.

I was done in about 15-18 minutes, including the next 90-Day Form.

Rex, you might want to try the first level shop at Big C on Mittraphap.  It is the open air one in the middle of the isle close to Dairy Queen.  They have brand name clothes, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets.  She buys wholesale from some warehouse who gets them from the factory in Myanmar.  I have seen 42 - 44 before, maybe 46.  Usually from 150 -300 baht.

Visas, et al / Re: Retirement extension - Monthly income method
« on: August 12, 2020, 04:44:18 PM »
It is I in the same, Rex.  I am going in on Wednesday next with the information.  I took way more than we needed.  So I killed a tree that did not have to kill!  We will see what has changed with this year's submittal, and you know there will be changes.

By the way, if your December transfer happens in late December then you should go apply after the November transfer to request your next year's extension!

Visas, et al / Re: Retirement extension - Monthly income method
« on: August 12, 2020, 07:50:47 AM »
The following was presented on this Forum under "Retirement Extensions" late last August.  Remember, this was done under a supervisor who is no longer at the KK Imm Office.  We now have a new supervisor.  A compatriot of mine just had his done several weeks ago and it is essentially the same list.

I did the renewal of my retirement extension today at Khon Kaen Immigration.  Other than the fact that IMM was crowded and it took a long time for my number to be called, I spent about 30 minutes once called on.  ALL IS GOOD IN KKC!First, got called by Station #1 I/O.  When I told him I was there to get my retirement extension based upon the monthly income method, he looked like he just got a migraine.  He picked up everything I brought and gave it back to me to go see the I/O supervisor in the enclosed office.Second, after the niceties, she asked if I had any documentation on my previous year's income, such as a letter from the USG, i.e., Social security Admin, a letter from my employer, i.e., Lockheed Martin, and anything thing else to support.  I also had with me my IRS 2018 Form 1040 and some other documentation from my private retirement account from which I withdraw funds.  (She was pleased.)Then she looked at the rest of the material I had to support the monthly income requirements.
  • 1-year Bank Statement.
  • Bank Book and a copy of it. (never opened it.)
  • Even though I had an online copy of my bank statements, she could have cared less.She then said that next year, I needed to provide them a small spread sheet (see attached) to be presented in front of the 1-year bank Statement.  (She penciled one together as we spoke and put it on top of the bank statement to go back to the I/O.So, here is the list of items to be provided:
  • Extension Application with picture.
  • Passport with a copy of the pertinent pages.
  • TM6 and 90-Day Report receipt
  • Proof of residency (Yellow Book) and copy.
  • 1-year Bank Statement, making sure there is an entry in the month that you are submitting the application.  She also suggested to highlight the International Transfers.
  • A small spread sheet of "My Income"(the amounts transferred to my Thai bank, Bangkok Bank.)
  • Bank Book and a copy of the pages for the whole year (they really never looked at the book except to flip the pages quickly, or the copy of the pages I provided.)
  • Once done with the supervisor, went back out with the papers to the I/O.  She yelled out something to him about "not a problem."I paid my fee.  Gave him 2,000 baht (2-1,000 baht bills), and got a receipt for 1,900 baht - enough said!He finished the process and took it back to the supervisor.  A minute of two later, she brought out the package and told him to have me SIGN EVERY DAMN PAGE!  (Guess Bangkok IMM Auditors are sticklers for that.)It was pretty benign.  So, the I/O's don't process the monthly income evaluation, the supervisor does (at least for me.)PS.  The supervisor said to make sure you have equal to or greater than the 65K baht per month, or it would really be a problem.

Where to find . . . / Re: Are "aircards" obsolete?
« on: July 27, 2020, 07:16:58 PM »
I got an AIS' NU Mobile sim card, unlimited internet connection with 200 minutes of calling per month, very, very reasonable!  Then, in an emergency, you could use your smart phone as a hot spot for your computer!

Why don't you call?  They do speak adequate English (at least someone in the nurse's station in reception.)

Ratchaphruek:   043 333-555 ext 3000 or 3001

Srinagarind:  043 366-312

The last time I checked, Srinagarind should have the most reasonable rates even for the most complete set of tests.

When I did it for AIA, the agent took me to the hospital and took care of the complete bill!  The most critical test was blood pressure.  If you don't get quite a bit below 150/xx, you will most likely get an additional premium on the rate.

What is required, the minimum physical?  That is the question, and would define the exam cost.  If you had that detail from Pacific, then you could go to a hospital with the requirements and they cold tell you the price.

Last year I received the best physical exam I had ever gotten in my whole career with American companies.  It also came with a Father's Day special price.  All this was done at Ratchaphruek Hospital.  For example, last year the regular price was 7,130 thb, discounted to a special price of 3,900 baht.  Don't know the cost this year though.  You'd have to go and get their pamphlet.

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