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I hope it does not affect your coverage. I hope "they" it is quite a trick to try to have it both ways; demand that falang have coverage and then make it more difficult to get or pay for that coverage. 


As an aggregate, wifey's health insurance premiums will increase if the insurance company has to pay out double to treat nasty, greasy falang to the extent that it affects their bottom line.  Just because insurance picks up the tab, treatment is not "free."  Nothing is "free."  Somebody or somebodies somewhere along the line are paying the tab.

Personally, I don't care very much. I am OK with paying a reasonable surcharge for being a nasty, greasy falang. It is not unprecedented. In the U.S., university tuition is more expensive for those who are not residents of the state where the university is located, and even more costly for greasy, nasty foreigners.

If that neutralizes one avenue of accusations toward the nasty, greasy falang, it will be worth it. The culture often seems not to value expertise, efficiency, rationality, logic or elementary safety. But money does seem to garner some modicum of respect.

Nasty, greasy foreigners are much harder to treat because cleaning them before hand is so much more labor intensive! roll

Open discussion / Re: VIP bus to Korat
« on: September 14, 2019, 04:13:17 PM »
When you get a visa to Lao at the Consulate in KKC, how soon must you use it?  Can you get one and use it two weeks or a month later or what?  Tks.

Open discussion / Re: VIP bus to Korat
« on: September 14, 2019, 04:12:03 PM »
Tks, Russell.  What do you mean "long wait"?  Hours?  Days?  Weeks?  I would rather book a time that is convenient for me,  but I am willing to work my schedule around to accommodate the appointment time.

Open discussion / Trip to Vientiane
« on: September 14, 2019, 03:41:58 PM »
I hope it doesn't come to that, but trying to think two steps ahead,  I might have to make a trip to the Thai Consulate in Vientiane. I have not been in many years. Any updates about obtaining a visa, a direct bus or other transport there, and what's new in the drill for applying for an "O" visa on the basis of retirement?  Anybody done it recently?

Tks, lah!

Mind-Body / Re: Tai Chi / Chi Gong / Kung fu
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:38:32 AM »
Hi Adam.  Thank for the info.  I am a little off my game these days, but I have practiced "Shibashi" (Old ladies doing slow-mo QiGong in the park at dawn)  for a number of years. I was lucky to have workshop in Bangkok with Sifu Wing many years ago before he stopped visiting Thailand. Other than that have had no training beyond DVDs.  I am sure my form sucks. Also, I am a "heretic" in that I am I have no interest "Qi", just doing movement as a mind-body mindfulness practice.

There is a lot of yoga in town and a couple o Tae Kwon Do schools in Khon Kaen, but the last time I checked, no interest in TaiChi or other martial arts (other than, of course, Muay Thai.

Good luck with your project.  Post here often and let us know how things are going.



Visas, et al / Immigration chief: TM 30 law is outdated and needs to change
« on: September 12, 2019, 04:48:00 PM »
Immigration chief: TM 30 law is outdated and needs to change

Thai immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang has told BBC Thai that the 1979 TM 30 law is outdated and needs to change. The news will come as music to the ears of expats and retirees though it remains to be seen exactly what will change, notes Thaivisa.

The BBC Thai said that moves are underway to adapt TM 30 regulations to bring them more in line with conditions in Thailand forty years after they were brought in.

Continue reading on =>

Mind-Body / Re: Tai Chi / Chi Gong / Kung fu
« on: September 07, 2019, 07:02:53 PM »
Hello Adam.  Will you be having classes in Khon Kaen?  Do you have more more info?

Visas, et al / Re: Thailand bank letter confirming international deposits.
« on: September 04, 2019, 05:40:14 PM »
Thanks Ruben. We are not certain, but based on discussions over at, it is possible that this is a new option added by TW to accommodate the many requests from expats in Thailand. In any event, I never saw it until I read about it on ThaiVisa last month.  I never noticed it on the list of options when making a transfer, but it is possible that I just stopped at "monthly expenses" and never bothered to read all the way down to the bottom of the list of options.

Thanks, lah!

Discuss Thai Culture / Top 10 hard truths of living as an expat in Thailand
« on: September 01, 2019, 12:16:02 PM »
Interesting article on The Thaiger about life for expats in Thailand.

THAI LIFETop 10 hard truths of living as an expat in Thailand

1. Visas can be a pain in the neck

You have plenty of options but the options never quite fit into your line of work or expectations. But between the Non-B visa, ‘Retirement’ visa, Education visa, Tourist visa, Elite visa and Smart visa, along with a few visa runs and trips to your local immigration office, you can usually fernangle a long-term stay in Thailand (yes, we know we used nick names for some of the visas).

Continue reading on The Thaiger =>

Visas, et al / Re: Bangkok Immigration Office on Submitting Form TM30
« on: September 01, 2019, 12:10:07 PM »
This stuff always seems to come out of Phuket. You get the impression that Phuket Imm represents some kind of regional authority in the Imm hierarchy.  There is nothing in the article to suggest that this TM28 business applies to Phuket only. Maybe it does, but I would like to know one way or the other.

Visas, et al / Phuket Immigration explain TM30 and TM28 requirements
« on: August 31, 2019, 07:47:45 PM »
Right on time: Phuket Immigration explain TM30 and TM28 requirements for reporting foreigners
PHUKET: Phuket Immigration this week made it very clear that foreigners applying for any extension of stay will not be held liable for filing the TM30 form, made infamous in recent weeks by waves of confusion elsewhere in the country.

Saturday 31 August 2019, 09:00AM

Full text of the article, courtesy of Phuket News =>

“No, we don’t hold foreigners responsible for filing the TM30. Foreigners just need to make sure that they fill in a TM28. The TM30 is the landlord’s job,” Phuket Immigration Deputy Chief Col Nareuwat Putthawiro said plainly on Wednesday (Aug 28).

The TM30 is the form for landlords to report to Immigration within 24 hours of the arrival of any foreign tenants, as required under Section 38 of the Thailand Immigration Act of 1979.

The TM28 form is for foreigners to report themselves to Immigration after staying away from their registered address for more than 24 hours, as required under Section 37 (c) of the same act.

“The TM30 is the house owner’s responsibility, whether the home owner is a Thai or a foreigner,” Col Nareuwat said.

If a landlord refuses to – or is unable to – comply by filing a TM30 to report the foreigner as staying, or returning to stay, at the foreigner’s registered address, that is not the foreigner’s responsibliity, Col Nareuwat explained.

“All the foreigner has to do is submit a TM28. That’s all the foreigner is responsible for. If the foreigner is applying for an extension to stay, they need not worry about whether or not their landlord has reported them through a TM30 – it will not affect the foreigner’s application,” he added.

“They will not be told to leave the Kingdom if their landlord has not filed a TM30 reporting them,” he assured.

However, the requirement for foreigners to re-report themselves as staying at – or returning to – their registered address within 24 hours of their arrival by filing a TM28 remains in effect, Col Nareuwat told The Phuket News.

Asked whether foreigners must submit a completed TM28 every time they return to their registered address, Col Nareuwat said, “Yes, they must do.”

Col Nareuwat added that filing a TM28 remains separate from the 90-day reporting requirement, as completed by filing a TM47.

“Yes, please also file a TM47 every 90 days as normal,” he said.

Landlords who fail to report foreigners staying on their property will be fined, Col Nareuwat said.

“If the landlord ignores this (filing the TM30), they will be fined up to B2,000,” he assured.

“The fine under Section 77 of the act is actually up to B10,000, but the higher fines are used only for hotels or guesthouses that willfully ignore the requirement.

“A foreigner who has filed a TM28 will not be fined for the landlord failing to uphold their responsibility because the foreigner has informed us,” he repeated.

“But if a landlord is intentionally slow or delays in filing a TM30, they will be charged by Immigration police,” he said.

In defining “slow”, Col Nareuwat explained that officers will allow for “reasonable” delays, such as the Section 38 app launched by the Immigration Bureau expressly for filing TM30 reports online failing to work or if the foreigner returns to the registered address during a period when the Immigration office is closed.

“The law is very clear in that it says the reporting must be done within 24 hours, but as long as the landlord – Thai or foreign – has made an attempt to file the report and is not intentionally ignoring their responsibility, we will consider their explanation,” he said.

Col Nareuwat urged any landlords (for TM30) or foreigners (for TM28) who find themselves unable to file the report within the time frame permitted to take steps to prove the attempt to file the report.

“If the Section 38 app is not working, then take a screenshot so we can see it. But please make an effort after that to file your report as soon as possible after that,” he said.

“As long as the person is making a genuine effort to file the report, they won’t be fined. We just want them to do their part.

“If there is a genuine reason why the report could not be filed in the appropriate time, and the person can show us, then they can come to the Immigration Office at the next available opportunity. That’s fine,” he added.

Full text of the article, courtesy of Phuket News =>


Visas, et al / Foreigners to file TM28 NOT TM30 ????
« on: August 31, 2019, 07:39:32 PM »
Well, this is certainly crazy-making!   Please confirm or correct my recollection of the past several months of discussions here, on and elsewhere:

1. I cannot recall any mention of the TM28 in months of discussions. Can you?

2. In spite of what Col Nareuwat Putthawiro said (below), I seem to recall many reports of foreigners being held accountable by the local IO for not having a TM30. No?* 

Phuket News => “No, we don’t hold foreigners responsible for filing the TM30. Foreigners just need to make sure that they fill in a TM28. The TM30 is the landlord’s job,” Phuket Immigration Deputy Chief Col Nareuwat Putthawiro said plainly on Wednesday (Aug 28) . . ."

This is uncharacteristically direct and unambiguous language. Not only that, but Col. Putthawiro then goes on to restate and confirm the same thing several times throughout the article.


*Not to say "I told you so," but I TOLD YOU SO months ago when these discussions first started appearing and falang seemed to be bending over backwards to volunteer up a TM30 without being asked. I told you that this would just training Imm to begin regarding it as the responsibility of the falang when the law was always clear that it was the owner's responsibility.


Open discussion / Re: Cubic bread
« on: August 31, 2019, 07:02:40 PM »
There is a dark sourdough bread that I get in the bakery section at Tops Central Plaza.  It comes in a triangle "pillow" shape wrapped in saran wrap.  There is nothing else that looks like it, you can't miss it. One day I saw the HUGE wheel that the cut the triangle "pillows" off of. Amazing!  It is not like all the "pretend" bread that is crunchy on the outside and like cotton candy on the inside. It is not as good as San Francisco sourdough--the standard against which all sourdough should be measured by--but it is close and is very good.  79 bahtski I think.

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