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I am not defending anything or being argumentative for the sake of it. However, RAM and Bangkok Hosp don't seem to have any shortage of customers, both Thai and falang, and from what I understand, you can't even get near the new Rathaput it is so busy.

Quote from: Rex sez:


No, it shouldn't have said that.  We would not want anyone to avoid treatment because they were lacking in funds.

A freak thing happened last week.  While riding my bicycle, unseen, a dog came up behind me on my left and chomped on my calf just above the ankle. It took several seconds to even process what had just happened, and by that time I was gone and the dog was gone.  It was not significantly painful or bloody, so I cleaned the wound and decided to wait to see how bad it was. Bad idea!  I was in some kind of state of stupidity or something.  After Fon urged me to get treatment, I researched rabies on the internet and it is not very pretty!  Here is what I learned:

1. Rabies is common among stray dogs and cats in Thailand.
2. Once symptoms emerge in humans, the disease is virtually always fatal.
3. The incubation period--usually a couple of weeks--may in fact vary from a few days to several years!

So that means even if you have no symptoms, you could be walking around for years with a time-bomb inside you waiting to go off.

I knew most of that stuff already and went through this with a serious cat bite six years ago.  Anyway, came to my senses and went to RAM and got tetanus and rabies injections, and returned today for one final rabies shot.  I understand that is is not costly of you go to gov hospital.  This course of treatment for me at RAM was a little less than B4,000.

A final bit of irony. I was under the impression that my BOOPA (not Aetna) coverage only applied if I am checked into a hospital.  I discovered too late that I also have accident coverage which includes animal bites .... BUT you have to present your sorry ass for treatment within 24 hours of the incident.  So, if I had attended to this right away, it would have been a freebie.  Been paying BOOPA for 8 years and never taken a setang back from them.  Oh, well! 


Where to find . . . / Re: polybard ?
« on: November 19, 2018, 05:05:02 PM »
Thanks very much Russell.  I'll check it out.  The polyboard idea just seemed like an elegant, low-skill, cheap way to get what I want. However, there are lots of ways to do photography and video backdrops that we are playing with. My newest hair-brained schem is to use one of those polyester-fabric shower curtains.  They are light weight, the perfect size, super-cheap and come in all kidns of images and patterns,  $5-$10 from China.  So, inexpensive to replace after the cats destroy them, and can readily change the mood of a video by changing the backdrop.  Anyway, that's what's on the drawing board today.  Thanks for your help.  Much appreciated.

Visas, et al / Minor update regarding income affidavits/declarations
« on: November 19, 2018, 12:05:41 PM »
Fon did my 90 day report today and asked about the situation with income verification. Paraphrasing from what Fon said, Imm is aware that the various embassies no longer providing income affidavits/declarations was implemented before Imm had defined exactly what would constitute acceptable proof of income. Imm is working on it and will provide more info in due course.

If anyone can confirm or provide other info about this, please post here.

News and Announcements / We're back, Baby!
« on: November 18, 2018, 07:20:11 PM »
As you can see, forum is back online!  => Sun 18 Nov 2018, 7:10 pm

The service from our new host is a good as the old host was bad!  I believe this is the final, final fix and that the forum is not only back, but we should see improved and more robust performance.

However, please continue to report any bugs or unusual behavior.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

News and Announcements / Re: Khon Kaen Forum Outages
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:50:53 PM »
Fri 16 Nov 2018, 5:47 pm

OK. SiteGround has migrated everything over to the new server. A lot of this is over my head, but they tell me is it done. However, I am wondering how I am able to still access the forum without changing the name servers.  Anyway, that step is next.  It may take 24 hours for the changes to take effect which may produce some downtime.  Maybe not.  But if you can't reach us, that means we will be back, better than new sometime tomorrow.

Please continue to report any bugs or stragne behavior.  I wonder if this will resolve the CleanTalk issues a couple of you were having?  Hope so.

Ciao for now.

Visas, et al / Re: US Consular meeting in Chiang Mai
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:45:38 PM »
Yes, indeed.  If anyone hears anything, please share it here.  However, I can't imagine any usable news.  What are they going to say? "We agreed with request by the Kingdom of Thailand to stop issuing affidavits, so please comply with Imm regulations for obtaining your visas/extensions."    ???

News and Announcements / We are changing hosts !!
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:45:31 AM »
We are changing hosts.  They guys we have been with for three years--InterServer--and been good and easy to work with. Unfortunately, all of that went to hell a month ago, and it has been one frustration after the other getting anyone to attend to our issues. Finally, was locked out of my cPanel and they wanted to charge me $160/hr to fix it, or to upgrade the system which would have involved an ADDITIONAL $300 per year over what we pay currently. 

Anyway, we are moving.  There may be some down time, but it will be minimal and after it is over, everything should run like a top.

Strangely, all my sites seem to be running fine right now, so maybe the move is already completed, but I don't see how that is possible!  Anyway, all is good.  Fortunately, renewal would have been next month, so making the move will not cost anything additional.

As always, thanks for your support, and please continue to post if you have any problems or notice any bugs.



Where to find . . . / Re: polybard ?
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:33:09 AM »
Thanks a million Russell.  We were at Homepro and another place yesterday, and they just don't have the stuff or anything similar or anything that might work in the way we want.  No biggie, but the video made polyboard seem like such a normal, common-place sort of product.  Surprising that it is so completely off the radar in Thailand. 

This is a very clever move (clever strategically) on the part of Imm. Much easier to persuade the various embassies to stop issuing affidavits than to change the actual Thai law which allows for such affidavits as acceptable proof of income.  The more fascinating issue is what did Thailand do persuade five countries to abandon a practice that has been in place for decades?

In case anyone is interested:

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok is pleased to provide services in Phuket.


Date: November 29, 2018
Time:  12:00pm–3:00pm
Venue: Novotel Phuket Vintage Park, Novotel Phuket Resort
Address: 89 Rat-Uthid 200 Pee Road, Patong, Kathu, 83150 PHUKET THAILAND

Hotel phone:   +66 (0) 76 380 555   




No appointment necessary, services are provided on a first come – first serve basis.


To expedite your service, please arrive with your documents filled-out completely, correctly, and NOT signed. Documents, forms and applications can be accessed by clicking on any of the below listed links.



         3,740 THB- Renewal of adult passports
         3,910 THB- Renewal of minor (under age 16) passports
         4,930 THB- Renewal of first adult passports
         4,930 THB- Replacement of adult lost/stolen passports
         3,910 THB- Replacement of minor (under age 16) lost/stolen passports
         1020 THB- Adult passport card
         510 THB- Minor passport card
         1,700 THB (per notary stamp) – Notary– including Income Affidavits

Above fees are based on an exchange rate of 34 THB to 1 USD

PLEASE NOTE: You must bring copies of your passport bio-data page and each supplementary document required with a passport application per the online instructions. Please follow all relevant passport renewal instructions according to above links. Original documents will be returned to the applicant, however, the copies will not.

IMPORTANT: For applications on behalf of minors, the child and both parents must appear in person.


Please be advised the U.S. embassy does not accept credit cards and will no longer accept cash (U.S. Dollars and Thai Baht) at outreach events for American Citizen Services. This is a worldwide policy, and no exceptions can be considered, please see the No Cash Announcement.

All payments at U.S. Embassy outreach event must be made in the form of a BANK DRAFT.

All Bank Drafts must be:

     Purchased from Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, or Siam Commercial Bank (SCB).   (There is no need to have an account at the bank to purchase a bank draft) (Kasikorn Bank calls a “Bank Draft” a “Bill of Exchange”).
     Made out to “American Embassy Bangkok.” (No variations, errors, or typos are permitted. Do not write on or make any markings on the bank draft.)
     In the exact amount of Thai Baht (THB) for your total service.
     At the official embassy exchange rate at the time of the outreach.
     Fees and exchange rates are included in individual outreach announcements and posted on our website.
     Submitted at the time of service.
     Issued within the last six months.
     You can show below information to the bank:

และระบุสั่งจ่ายถึง “American Embassy Bangkok”

Delivery Service: You must purchase and submit a separate 100 THB bank draft. Do not include the cost of the envelope in your total bank draft for services.

 Please note:


     Cashiers’ checks, personal checks, cash, credit or any other form of payment will not be accepted.
     Bank Draft requirement only applies to Consular Outreach Events. Services rendered during normal business hours at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok or the Consulate in Chiang Mai will continue to accept payments made by credit card or cash (THB or USD).


The Passport Retrieval Process Has Changed! – Beginning 1 July 2018:


Passport Return by Thai Post Registered Mail:
Your new passport will be sent to your mailing address in Thailand through registered mail. ACS will cancel your current passport at the time of application and return it to you.


Purchase a prepaid Thai Post envelope at the outreach event for 100 THB (SEPARATE BANK DRAFT IS REQUIRED).


Do not include the cost of the envelope in your total bank draft for services.




Bangkok Bank

147 Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi Rd

Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu

Chang Wat, Phuket 83150


Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

Jungceylon Shopping Center

Patong Beach, Phuket 83150


Kasikorn Bank

Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi Rd

Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu

Chang Wat, Phuket 83150


You may use any branch of the three participating banks. The above branches are suggested since they are near the venue.





Starting on October 1, 2017, all beneficiaries and applicants living in Thailand must direct all questions regarding Social Security to SSA Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) in U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines at Please visit for more Social Security information.

For other outreach dates and locations please see

For information on US Citizen Services please see

For questions please email

Follow us on Twitter by searching our username @ACSBKK.

Click Here to Unsubscribe


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Bangkok Field Office is pleased to join our Embassy colleagues at November’s Consular Outreach event in Phuket.

The following USCIS services will be available:

·         Review and accept I-130 relative petitions

·         Respond to case-specific inquiries for applications pending with the USCIS Bangkok office

·         Accept I-407 to record abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR: green card holder) status

·         Answer general USCIS-related questions: petitioning for family members; the impact of international travel on LPR status, etc.

·         Provide information about the international adoptions process

·         Provide information about expedited naturalization for spouses of US citizens with qualifying employment

·         Taking fingerprints related to an application or petition that is pending with USCIS


To expedite your service, please arrive with your documents filled-out completely and correctly.  Forms, filing instructions and other USCIS-specific information can be found on the USCIS Bangkok website.

Please note that fee payment must be transacted in accordance with U.S. Embassy outreach event procedures.

For questions please email

News and Announcements / Re: We may be back .... I hope!
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:54:40 PM »
Tue 13 Nov 2018, 1:50 pm

Without really knowing what I am doing, I have been deleting databases and old stuff from the server.  The forum seems to be back online and functioning again.  However, I don't know if that is because of something I have done or just one of the random, on-again, off-again periods where the forum seems to be working.  Hope it is the former.

Please keep me posted if you continue to run into database connection issues.

Where to find . . . / Re: polybard ?
« on: November 10, 2018, 03:08:09 PM »
Thanks, Russell.  Complicated, ain't it?  I just want to make a simple and easy-to-move-around background for shooting videos. Actually, what I want is "polyboard" but when I asked Homepro call center, they didn't know what I was referring to.  Here is a video worth watching just for the cute girl!

Where to find . . . / polybard ?
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:56:22 PM »
Do HomePro or the other big box stores have polyboard (poly board), also called polyester board or EPS foam board. Is it called something else in Thailand?

Tks, lah!

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