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Open discussion / Re: Best Credit Card
« on: September 24, 2018, 07:57:52 PM »

My wife has a multitude of cards from several banks.  They all are pretty good, no issues, KTB, SCB, and BBL.  There is too much of a hassle for a farang to get a real credit card and not a debit card here in Thailand.  So for me, I use one of hers.  If I am charging on Agoda or Booking for hotel rooms, I use my Black Cards from the US, Chase Bank.  On them I can charge in either USD or Thai Bahts, no additional charge.

The one that is of most interest is Bangkok Bank with a 2nd card from them for Thai Airasia.  I am not sure if that special is still out there.  We only use the Thai Airasia Credit Card when boarding one of the Thai Airasia flights.  It gets us in the premium line without having to buy premium seats!

With Bangkok Bank, you have to charge at least 5,000 baht a year, which is not very much.

Where to find . . . / Re: Car Insurance
« on: September 21, 2018, 05:30:00 PM »
The policy has 2 names as insured drivers, my wife and myself.  There are no mileage restrictions.  All inclusive including stamp duty and VAT, 10,300. 

Where to find . . . / Re: Car Insurance
« on: September 21, 2018, 11:43:15 AM »

Every year about a month before our car insurance policies have to be renewed my wife goes on a search of other Insurance Companies and their policies.  We have a 6 year old Pajero and a 6 year old March.

We now currently have a policy from DHIPAYA INSURANCE PUBLIC COMPANY LTD.  It is tied to the Thai government in some way.  For the Pajero we have 1st class with own damage of 740,000 baht, 3rd party coverage of 1,000,000/10,000,000 baht, and Property Damage of 2,500,000 baht.  We did get the discount for having a camera in the SUV.

They don't publicly advertise, found them through Facebook (Thai language search).  Contacted them and they responded by direct phone.  Sent an adjustor out to check the SUV for any damage (needed to get fixed before they would issue a policy.)  They then issued the policy.

Where to find . . . / Re: FedEx
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:00:37 AM »


I went on the FedEx website and tried to see if I could get the location of the office in Khon Kaen.  It said there was no office in Khon Kaen.  Did you try DHL?

I might be wrong.

Call FedEx in Bangkok to see if there is an office in Khon Kaen.

Open discussion / Re: ATM withdrawal
« on: September 14, 2018, 07:54:56 AM »

It you have an online account at Bangkok Bank go to

and sign in.  Then you can change the maximum amount to be withdrawn.  I have mine set at an amount much greater than 50,000.

Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals / Re: Rachapreuk Hospital
« on: September 09, 2018, 01:45:03 PM »

I am not sure to whom you have responded, but my wife has a medical booklet that she keeps and takes in with her when it is time to get prescriptions refilled or the doctor wants to take blood for tests.  The doctor completes whatever they do and gives it back to her at the end of the visit. 

Yes, if you go in before lunch, you usually gets a preferred time when you come back after lunch.  She usually goes one of the clinics that is tied to Khon Kaen Hospital.  Why? 30 baht for the doctor's appointment and all the prescriptions refilled.

Our village owner has requested the minibus company (whom ever that is), if they would consider a route from the Airport Via Route 12 (Maliwan Road) to Rt 2 (Mittraphap Road), south to Lao Nadi Road, then west on Lao Nadi to the Bypass (Ring Road) and on to Bus Station 3.  I would imagine it would also have a similar routing but un reverse on the return to the Airport.  Should know soon if it gets approved.

Discuss Travel / Re: Bangkok to Los Angeles Flights
« on: September 08, 2018, 11:06:36 AM »
Everyone has the preferences when it comes to airlines.  I am a Lifetime Gold Member with United and so is my wife.  Whenever we fly, we get Economy Plus at no additional cost.  When on international flight we get to use their lounges as well as the lounges of their Code Share airlines.  Every little bit helps.  If you work your schedule around their discounts, I have yet to find some other airline offering a lower fare.

Discuss Travel / Re: Bangkok to Los Angeles Flights
« on: September 07, 2018, 06:14:40 PM »

I would have no problem flying with them.  I read some of the negative comments on Trip Advisor, especially Barry T.  He is NO FREQUENT Business Flyer.  I doubt if any other airline would do the same as he had thought China Eastern would have to do for him.  WRONG!  I have flown for over50 years, mostly for business and his complaints are just that complaints.

The only one that he mentions was the change in connection time, I have had that with United Airlines before.  If he is flying business, they have a good business lounge so you sit and wait.

And I don't blame the airline where they refused to give him limo service and a hotel when we was going from China Eastern to another airline.  He should have gone to the Code Share airline with his complaint about needing the service since it was that airline's ongoing flight to the final destination.

Whoever is going to fly from Thailand to the US, I have found United with its code share partner ANA to be the most reasonable connecting flights there are.  AND SF and LA are both major United hubs.

Visas, et al / Re: Extension renewal
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:33:12 PM »

Just a point of clarification, it is NOT the owner only who is responsible for the TM 30.  It is the house master, the owner does not have to be in the Blue Book, it is the principal occupier who is responsible and is the first name in the Blue Book.  My wife owns a townhouse on Soi 31, but since she also owns the house in our village and is the principal resident in the village, she CANNOT be the principal resident in her house on Soi 31.  Her son is the principal resident on Soi 31 and is the first name in the Blue Book.  So if a farang would be staying at the Soi 31 address, the son would be the one to submit the TM30.

I just went through after arriving from Cambodia this past month.  My wife submitted the TM 30, but thank goodness I was there with my passport.  They wanted proof of the 'person' residing at the address.  Then they also asked her verbally if I were at the residence.  Too much double and triple redundancy checking and rechecking, just like what happened this past Wednesday when I got my Retirement Extension.

This fits, sort of.  Asked the Imm Officer who prepared my Extension and Re-Entry Permit, 'my cousin and his wife are going to be visiting Thailand in December.  Besides the four of us traveling around Thailand, they will be staying at our home for 3 days.  Do we need to do the Home Owners Form?'  He said as long as they are staying more than 24 hours, yes, your wife has to register them with IMM.

Visas, et al / Re: Extension renewal
« on: September 05, 2018, 03:51:31 PM »

Just did my Retirement Extension.  Imm Officer at Booth #1 did the effort.

He spent quite a bit of time on his computer screen and then produced two forms, one I had to fill out (same information as Form TM 7, and the other was a pre-printed form with my name already on it.  It dealt with overstay, illegal entry, etc.  You sign the form confirming that the Imm Officer explain to you the issues and what will happen to you if you break any of the immigration laws.

Even though I prepared a Form TM 7, Application for Extension, as usual, he also entered all the data into his computer for TM Form 7, printed it, and had me sign that one too.  So in essence, I generated one and he generated one.  His included a picture produced by his desk camera but as part of the form.

He then asked all kinds of questions, if I were married and really married with a license, did I have a copy of my wife's National ID.  Asked him for what, he said he needed my wife's name for the database.  He finally found it in my records so I did not have to leave and get her ID or our marriage certificate.

The last thing that was necessary, I had to go to the copy machine and make a copy of the receipt he gave me for the 1,900 baht, for his hard copy records.

Of course, he still had to enter into the retirement ledger all the particulars.

Then we went to work on my Multiple Re-Entry Permit.  Even though on the form I entered when I planned on traveling, he asked the question.  Of course, you have to go the copier and get a copy of the new passport pages that were just produced for insertion into the Re-Entry package.  AND a copy of the receipt he provided with the copy going back to him for the package.

I think they need us all to provide the copying service there some funds so they can justify having it.

All in all, I was 5th in line then with two no shows, which was good for me, I was 3rd.  Almost took an hour to get both accomplished, Retirement Extension and a Re-Entry Permit.

Open discussion / Re: Registered Mail to U.S. seems improved
« on: August 27, 2018, 04:09:43 PM »


I usually go to the main post office on Klang Muang Road.  I tell them Registered Air Mail, cost 120 baht.

I track using Thailand Post until it leaves Thailand, then I follow it using the USPS tracking system (USPS actually notifies me when the registered letter is put into the Thailand Postal system.)  Where everything gets held up is in the New York JFK International Postal Distribution Center.  It enters but doesn't leave for at least a week, AND you never hear anything while it is there.

Once their Customs Center releases it, USPS tracking again follows the letter to its destination.  I haven't done it for about 6-9 months.  If the item is very important, I would send it by International EMS for the 600 BHT.

Nope, just my opinion.  Have been on the other side.


Hear, Hear Henry!

Many Thai women expect a 'salary' paid to them by their farang husband.  A stipend that is their own little (usually not a small amount that I have heard could be as much as 100,000 baht a month) pocket money for whatever they want to spend it on.  One of my friends who gives his wife monthly 50,000 baht and to their young son 20,000 (but directly to her for his clothes and toys)  had to tell his wife that if he found out that she was sharing it with her family, he would cut her off.  Most farangs don't carry out this type of threat but Isan women have a propensity of bragging and telling each other about how much they get or how much was spent on their new home, etc., causing all of them to expect the same treatment.

I can almost guarantee that this 'clinic' doesn't get into those details to try and tell these Isan women about how a western marriage and the partners in it should treat each other, and what the expectations should be.

My philosophy for my continuing life and our relationship together is for the benefit of both, and she heartily agrees.  It's a good life (but of course she is of Chinese decent not a full blooded Thai.)

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