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Author Topic: ENGLISH Requirements for Thai Students  (Read 87 times)


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ENGLISH Requirements for Thai Students
« on: May 28, 2018, 05:04:47 PM »

It is really sad to see how unprepared many Thai high school students are in English as a second language.

With that said, friends of ours (mother and father), have a daughter who is in her last year of high school.  She wants to go to a Thai University that will  give her the opportunity to become a physician.

In the prior years, entrance exams were scheduled throughout the country but because so many potential medical students were not prepared for the rigors of the medical curriculum, it seems the Thai Ministry of Education now requires ALL POTENTIAL MEDICAL STUDENTS to travel to Bangkok for the English entrance exam.

I have been privy to many of the example tests, old and new, in the attempt for the local schools to assist these rural students to prepare for the test.  Not only is the subject matter beyond their comprehension, so are many of the reading examples where one fills in the blanks in the sentence with the words that best fit the subject.  One of the subjects:  "sexual abuse".  Most of the students have NO IDEA WHAT THIS EVEN MEANS.  They are not exposed to this subject in their everyday life let alone in the classroom.  So right off the bat, they are at a disadvantage to those students from Bangkok Schools or any of the more prominent International Schools.

I had suggested they access and begin to read on the various subjects that are present day news (whether it is crime, world events, royal marriages, etc.) so they would have some idea of the kinds of things that may end up on the test as the subject matter when they are doing English comprehension.

Unless I am mistaken, I can almost guarantee that the students in these high school classes are not required to do any extracurricular reading of today's news which provides insights in what the world is all about, only what happens in Thailand (which is always done in the Thai language.)  I feel sorry for them that they are not given the opportunity to broaden their horizons on current world events (whatever that means.)  It seems whether they are required to do it or not, all you English tutors and hired teachers should emphasize to the students to read the online English news sources to get a better idea of today's world events.  I think this would greatly enhance their ability to understand what the English language is all about, not trying to translated fro Thai to English or vice versa as a means of preparing them for their educational goals.