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Author Topic: Is Khon Kaen the dirtiest city in Isaan?  (Read 250 times)


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Is Khon Kaen the dirtiest city in Isaan?
« on: October 29, 2017, 10:01:47 AM »
Is it just me or is Khon Kaen a really dirty place? I have traveled to almost every city in Isaan and have found Khon Kaen to be the filthiest.  Go around any of the lakes in the city and there is nothing but rubbish and bottles and every kind of plastic thing on the ground.
Upon entering from any other province, you can tell you have crossed the line into Khon Kaen just by the rubbish on the ground. 
I watched the other day a pickup truck driver dumping out a load of trash on the side of the road on the ring road. Of course, nobody says anything.
 In my area of Mueang Kao, it has to be the worse.  Just came back from Sakon Nakhon a couple of days ago. What an amazing city. Absolutely spotless. Hardly find a piece of paper on the ground. Even around the market area. When we got back to Khon Kaen, I felt I needed to take a shower after driving through town.