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Where to find . . . / Re: onion powder and celery seeds
« Last post by retfed50 on Today at 07:00:28 PM »
I have the same problem. I use onion powder a lot and the only place I have found it is at Villa Market. As far as the celery seeds or powder, you might try that market (don't know the name) on Srichan Road next to Caesars Massage on the north side of the street. They have a small selection of spices but a few that no one else carries. Got carraway seeds there for my rye bagels.
Where to find . . . / onion powder and celery seeds
« Last post by russell17au on Today at 06:34:48 PM »
Today the wife and I went looking for onion powder and celery seeds or celery powder, we wnet to Makro, Big C, Tops (Central) and Tesco and none of them had them. Does anybody know of any other places in Khon Kaen that may have them. It must be onion powder not onion salt or onion chips same with the celery seeds it can only be the celery seeds or the celery seed powder that can be used. All help much appreciated.
Food, Dining, Restaurants / Thought about it for months.......
« Last post by JustinCase on Today at 04:16:23 PM »
Yes, I "chewed it over" for a few months, then ordered it and I LOVED it.
The skinless Cod Fillets are just incredible.
I had my first deep fried in batter portion today and thought that it was every bit as nice as the UK "Chippy" Cod.  PLEASE - try to keep on the product list, even though I still have about 6 large portions left.
All I need now is some newspaper to really feel at home when I eat it!!!   smiley32
Reminder: Khon Kaen Outreach tomorrow, 12 pm.
Open discussion / Re: Snake
« Last post by Rex (Admin) on Today at 10:43:42 AM »
We saw a golden tree snake on our balcony eating a little bird whole.  Amazing! Just like one of those Nat Geo videos about the anaconda eating the pig, only on a much smaller scale!
Open discussion / Re: Snake
« Last post by kkbill on June 18, 2018, 01:49:03 PM »
Hi Rex,  No not like the one in your image. This one was more overall black - it did also have some subtle markings which may have been red but I didn't get much of a look at t as it was mostly gone by the time I got to the window.
Open discussion / Re: Snake
« Last post by Rex (Admin) on June 18, 2018, 11:39:05 AM »

Did he look like this?  If so, golden tree snake, slightly venomus, but not dangerous to humans.  Eats bird and can "fly."  If not, the deadly green mamba.  One bite, instant paralysis and a slow, agonizing death over the next few hours!  roll

Open discussion / Snake
« Last post by kkbill on June 18, 2018, 11:13:43 AM »
Saw this critter slithering around my back garden the other day. Can anyone identify it? Is it harmful?  Sorry foto is not very good but the snake was about 130cm and its belly a little larger around  than a 10 baht coin.
Visas, et al / Re: 90 Day Report
« Last post by screamer on June 17, 2018, 06:47:05 PM »
Once they know you,, and not your representative, you know it is a real commitment when a senior Immigration Officer says to you, "Come see me, if you have any type of problem.  I will assist you."  AND he doesn't ask for any tip!
How can you be so naive?

Read the 190 comments and then give your opinion.

People only tend to share bad experiences to get it off their chest.

So the above is 190 people/comments.

What about the thousands who have not had any problems?
Visas, et al / Re: TM 30
« Last post by fceligoj on June 17, 2018, 06:05:57 PM »

I guess I am just na´ve on this subject too; RE, loans.

All I know when we had an early discussion about financing the house we were having built, the loan officer strongly suggested that no where in my wife's several bank accounts did they want to see ANY international transfers.  If there were, the loan application would most likely be turned down.
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