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Where to find . . . / Computer Printer Repair
« on: December 12, 2018, 03:46:17 PM »

Had an issue with my Brother MFC-J430W Printer.  I was planning on going to Tukcom to see if I could find someone to fix my minor problem.  My wife suggested a repair shop on the street where JNet Computer Service was located.  In about 5-10 minutes he had up and operating again.  Cost - too embarrassed to tell you but ridiculously inexpensive.  Seems like he repairs all make and models.  Phone: 087 2342638.  (I'll try and post his business cared

Direction: (by the way a Thai name), but if you know where JNet Computer Service Store is located, he is a few doors to the right of JNet., same side of the street.  It is the street that runs between Kosa Steak House and the Parking Garage near the underground parking entrance to Tukcom.

Visas, et al / Re: Is Khon Kaen Immigration moving?
« on: November 24, 2018, 11:09:26 PM »

Why I ask the question about when are they going to inform everyone, I was there in mid-August, noting mentioned.  Did not see any sign.

Now I have left for the States in late November and won't be back until mid-December and will not have to go to IMM until mid-March.  To do Form 30, one goes to the windows to the right of the IMM Office, there is no reason to check out the door to IMM to see a note, which is when I'll be there for the Form 30 (mid-December.)

So that is why I was asking parenthetically the question, Russell!

At least as a member of the Forum we inform each other while those who are not on the Forum may not get the notification until they go there and find out one cannot enter the complex.  They will most likely not allow civilians other than government officials to enter along with the police and military.

Visas, et al / Re: Is Khon Kaen Immigration moving?
« on: November 23, 2018, 06:05:35 PM »

I heard that also, moving.  1st move is temporary and then they will have new headquarters.

Has to do with the king and his coronation cerebration. 

You have to wonder when they inform everybody.

Visas, et al / Re: US Consular meeting in Chiang Mai
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:34:51 AM »

8. Among other tidbits, the good news is that they will now accept 1099 and other tax forms, among other types of evidence, since these were explained to them in Chiang Mai, and that income can be paid into either a Thai or foreign bank account. However, the Embassy official opined, in a private conversation after the meeting, that transfers into a Thai bank account is probably what they will end up requiring in the future.

Taking the comment from the above thread, really does give one some good feelings that maybe we will get a system that will be recognized by Thai IMM.  My reaction, and what it sounds like, besides providing letters from one's retirement pension provider; i.e., Social Security (which you can download off the internet), you will need a letter from the Thai Bank proving the monthly funds are being transferred into your Thai Bank Account.  This may be really good for us.

But then comes in the 2nd issue of having monies sent by transfers that meet the IAT transfer format, for Bangkok Bank depositors, beginning 1 April within Bangkok Bank's regulations.  All I can say is, I doubt if many US Banks would want to comply with this IAT format since the current ACH system has been in existence for decades since it is also the current means for banks to transfer funds domestically interbank  I think they'll tell you to send by SWIFT, where they make a 'solid profit'.  I just recently apply for the direct deposit account at Bangkok Bank and along with it, the bank will process a direct deposit request with the SSA.  Bangkok Bank assured me that the SSA will meet the IAT transfer format (this does concern me a bit.)


When I went in for my 90-Day Report, asked if they had seen or have heard of the several Embassies ceasing to provide a letter of income certification (I showed her what we had received from the US Embassy.)  She was very surprised by the notification.

She said, "the current law is the law and so without a certified income letter the foreigner has to have the correct seasoned money in a Thai Bank Account."

I would imagine every immigration office throughout Thailand that has US, UK, and Australian citizens in marriage and retirement extensions of non-imm visas have heard the same, but are too low on the 'totem pole' to have any direction provided to them, as of yet.  Like Russell said it will shake out over time, but to be on the safe side, one needs to begin the process of having the correct amount of funds deposited into a Thai Bank Account 3 months before their extension expires!

I wish one of us could get to a high level senior administrator in the Foreign Ministry or IMMIGRATION (ala Big Joke) to have a serious discussion since it seems that our Embassies could care less of what happens.  Since all of us Americans who are on Social Security can provide a letter from SSA, seems this should be more than adequate, especially if your pension is above the 65,000 baht/month equivalent threshold.  Or if it is not, then a blend of what payments are being made plus an amount of seasoned money should suffice.

Open discussion / Bowling Lanes in Udorn to Close 1 January
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:38:29 AM »

Udorn's Central Plaza' Major Bowl announced that effective 1 January, it will be closing the alleys for good.  Unless someone knows of another place in the Northeast, other than Ubon Ratchatani, bowling is no more.  Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima closed quite a while ago.


MAC, you will have to let us know about any of the discussions held about the ceasing of the 'certified Income Statement' since it will no longer be available from the Consular Office of the Embassy, especially at the Outreach locations.

I think almost all the Americans that use that system for extending your retirement or marriage extensions  will have all kinds of questions and frustrations.

Please give us some summary of the activities.  Thanks.

Open discussion / Re: Change to Deposit Procedure to Bangkok Bank New York
« on: November 04, 2018, 09:52:44 AM »
Just received an advertisement from Pay Pal about the new cash transfer mechanism, Xoom.  They do initiate international transfers, BUT NOT TO THAILAND!  Process price seems reasonable, but they hedge their discussion on the exchange rate.  Bet it is much like the TT rate banks advertise.  Also, their process seems faster, but I'll bet it is still tied to the US Banks ACH transfer delivery, 2-3 business days.

Open discussion / Thais Not Notifying of Foreigner Residing in Residence
« on: November 03, 2018, 07:51:08 AM »

Another example of ignoring Form TM30, which too many scoff at the need.  Click on the news article.

This is much more than what a simple issue with no Form TM30 but it identifies how the Immigration Police are requiring the executed form.

Yes, this is about a Korean Online Gambling Den being raided, but what I want you to see and read, it is about the Thai woman.

The men were arrested and will be deported but the Thai woman was arrested for what you may ask.


This may be one of the major reasons that Immigration is serious about requiring the form being submitted, criminal activity.


Saw this article on the Thaivisa newsletter.  I know they have been in Khon Kaen several times.  I wonder what they found here.
"730 more foreigners rounded up in nationwide crackdowns.
Immigration police carried out their 38th nationwide search for foreigners living illegally in Thailand and made several hundred more arrests on Thursday.
This operation focused on 238 areas around the country and resulted in the arrest of 730 foreigners.
42 of them were arrested for overstaying their visas, 277 for sneaking into the country without a visa, 83 for not doing their 90-day residential reports to immigration officials, 62 for staying in places other than the one reported to the immigration officials, 69 for working in professions reserved for Thais, and 76 for various offenses.
The 38 operations executed so had far resulted in the arrest of 4,231 foreigners."

Open discussion / Re: Change to Deposit Procedure to Bangkok Bank New York
« on: November 02, 2018, 11:20:08 AM »

Unless I can find another means of transferring money from the US to Thailand, I will be using TransferWise.  (By the way, the Help Line recommended that I initiate transfers at the time my US Bank opens for the day (no Saturdays or Sundays, US Domestic time.)  TransferWise said the clock starts once the transfer is initiated by TransferWise and it gives your domestic bank a whole day to process the transfer, which probably takes 2 full days.  So on Monday thru Wednesday, 10PM, Thai time each of the days, and therefore 9AM (EST), or 12 hours prior, on the East Coast of the USA, I will initiate a transfer.  This should minimize the delay of the ACH transfer to TransferWise.

Also, I had just received my November pension payment through direct deposit to BBL.  This transfer was done as a Domestic ACH Transfer, as was the previous ones, and my employer had earlier sent me a message that they do not send monies internationally,  having to meet IAT rules.  When they send money internationally, it is by SWIFT, and they do not send pension payment by this means.  So, this month is the last time I will do the direct deposit.   

I processed a change to have my monthly payment deposited into my primary US Bank account, and then will initiate a TransferWise on the appropriate day of the week.  Why should I wait until 1 April to accomplish this same task?  Now I have peace of mind.

Open discussion / Re: Change to Deposit Procedure to Bangkok Bank New York
« on: November 02, 2018, 07:44:48 AM »

I am PNC Bank, or Ameriprise Bank.  Both charge $0.00 for ACH transfers to Bangkok Bank (thru the New York Branch-this is transparent to them.)  They also do the 3 business days for a transfer.

The issue is going to be after 1 April 2019.  Unless they use International ACH Transfer (IAT) format, Bangkok Bank - New York will refuse the deposit request.

Yes, Bangkok Bank has a graduated transfer fees:

[font=&amp]Fee (THB) for [/font][font=&amp] Bangkok Bank in Thailand[/font]
Not more than USD50.00
0.25% of the transfer value (minimum 200 baht, maximum 500 baht)
USD50.01 - 100.00
USD100.1 - 2,000.00
USD2,000.01 - 50,000.00
USD50,000.01 or more

Open discussion / Re: Change to Deposit Procedure to Bangkok Bank New York
« on: November 01, 2018, 07:28:54 PM »

Savannah, I don't know what bank you use in Thailand, but when I compared the fees charged by TransferWise reduced by the higher exchange rate on the funds transferred, vs BBL's fees on ACH transfers by my US Bank direct, TransferWise transferred amount was always higher than my US bank (-0- fees) going direct to BBL (New York Branch fee + BBL Thailand fee.)

For $3,000 being transferred, I will get about 600 baht more via TransferWise vs USBank direct to BBL.

Open discussion / Re: Change to Deposit Procedure to Bangkok Bank New York
« on: November 01, 2018, 07:23:45 PM »

After 12 hours, I did receive the following reply from Transfer Wise.  The interesting note is the one about using their ACH bank debit for transfers under $20,000.  I also looked at a Forbes review of TransferWise.  If you want to read the review, click on the web address at the bottom of this thread comment.  For all I know, it may have been written by one of the TransferWise senior executive!

[font=&amp]Hello Frank,[/font]
[font=&amp]I hope you are well today.[/font]
[font=&amp]I’d be happy to help answer your questions and explain each payment option. When sending from USD, we offer the option to pay using our ACH bank debit and suggest using this for transfers under 20,000 USD. This method should not have any additional fees from your bank and the only fees you will pay is shown on step 1 of the transfer flow.[/font]
[font=&amp]When sending a wire transfer, you would have to initiate this by logging into your online banking separate from our site, or visiting your local branch. We do not charge any fees to pay by wire transfer, but many times your bank will have a fee. This can depend on the relationship you have with them and typically the fees can range from $3- $40 USD. Usually they will present you different payment speeds to send the money, and if you select a 3 business day transfer to us, we most likely will receive the funds when the guaranteed rate is expired.[/font]
[font=&amp]Feel free to read more about ACH bank debit transfers [/font]here and domestic wire transfers here
[font=&amp]I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or need anything, we are always here for you.[/font]

Open discussion / Re: Change to Deposit Procedure to Bangkok Bank New York
« on: November 01, 2018, 07:11:53 PM »

Henry, I do agree with you.  That is, if your bank allows online International Funds Transfer.  If it doesn't, you then need to go find another way to get funds transferred to Thailand after April 1, 2019.

I gave TransferWise a test try.  And of course, they put their best foot forward, including sending money in two days and not concerned about the ACH transfer from my US Bank to them.  Like they said to me after that first transfer, they 'knew' that the ACH transfer from my bank may take an additional day or two, but they processed the transfer immediately anyway.  I was pleased.

So today I tried another transfer.  As you fall through the menus, not a problem.  Then all of a sudden, they give you two choices, either via the ACH transfer as the initial one was done, but now it would take approximately 3-4 days to complete.  Everything hinged on the transfer from your bank to them.  THEY WOULD NOT INITIATE THE TRANSFER TO MY THAILAND BANK ACCOUNT UNTIL THE FUNDS FROM MY US BANK COMPLETED THE  TRANSFER TO THEM (THAT IS VASTLY DIFFERENT THAN THE INITIAL DISCUSSIONS.)  AND, OH BY THE WAY, THEY WOULD ONLY GUARANTEE THE EXCHANGE FOR A SPECIFIC NUMBER OF HOURS.  IF YOUR US BANK TRANSFER TOOK LONGER, THE EXCHANGE RATE WAS NOT GUARANTEED.


They did recommend now that you should initiate the funds transfer early in the day in the time zone of your US Bank, which in their experience reduced the time for the ACH transfer to be complete.

I did send them an inquiry asking for a clarification 12 hours ago.  No response.

I will continue to investigate other means of transferring funds.

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