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Title: My Rodent Prejudices
Post by: DNPBC0 on January 04, 2018, 05:25:54 PM
 A couple of months ago at the end of our rainy season a gigantic hole (a cavern, no less) opened  up near one of the trees in our side-garden and threatened to undermine and collapse our boundary wall, if not the road outside. At first I thought it was sink hole caused by a long period of heavy rainfall and began a laborious process of getting countless wheelbarrows full of rubble and soil to fill in what seemed a bottomless pit. However, after a while I began noticing holes appearing in the area I had filled the previous day.  As much as I tried to fill up the holes, they still kept appearing mysteriously overnight.  Burrowing snakes? Definitely not, according to local wisdom. Rabbits? Don’t exist here. BUT the locals did agree that it could be a colony of rats.  Don’t know about you, but I have this thing about rats ….. horrible, dirty, ugly, disease-ridden vermin!  Now, our cats are great bird murderers, but they leave the rats to the snakes ….. so our house could not only be undermined but also become a haven for hungry snakes ….. and I dislike snakes only a little less than rats. So ….. not having any pied-piper skills,  I got some rat poison and began stuffing the lethal pellets down the holes before filling them in. Result – no more new holes, and the Black Death was averted.  It was then that I noticed we no longer had squirrels playing in the trees around the house. I love squirrels and could watch them for ages through my study window.  A dreadful thought hit me …. could it be ……?  Frantic googling revealed the terrible truth.  Many of Thailand’s squirrels are mining fanatics and burrow in the ground to make their nests.  I feel totally dreadful about what I did to my friendly families of entertaining squirrels. How could I? On the other hand, I was fully prepared to exterminate those families of rats, and both rats and squirrels are rodents with equal abilities to spread disease ........

Title: Re: My Rodent Prejudices
Post by: kowpot on January 07, 2018, 07:44:53 AM
Just so you know.

Are squirrels part of the rat family?

No, they are classified under separate families, squirrels belong to 'sciuridae' rats belong to 'muridae'.
Title: Re: My Rodent Prejudices
Post by: Rex (Admin) on January 07, 2018, 08:26:09 AM