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The average age of the Americans at these events is about 87. Surprising so many of us even remember why we went there once we get there.

Go Giants   roll

Dave G
I wonder how many had pay to the order of  "American Embassy Bangkok". With the quotation marks on it?

That's the way they put it on their website.
U.S. Embassy Consular Outreach / US Embassy Outreach Program Wardens Required
« Last post by fceligoj on June 21, 2018, 10:44:50 PM »
I was told by one of the wardens, the US Embassy is looking for additional wardens.  If any American is interested, they should contact the US Embassy Consular Section and discuss.  Then fill out an application, etc, and become one.  That is, if one is interested in becoming one.

Mac, I was there, no problem with the right amount, etc.  But as you sit there and you start thinking, especially once someone gets to the desk and they are told they have the wrong amount, or the incorrect "Pay to the Order of" name, do you have the correct amount,  etc.

It seems the Embassy should have a big sign stating the various amounts in baht for services rendered right at the registration desk.  Instead, they wait to tell the individual of the mistake once they have gotten into the line and cause other people's delays since  usually there is a long discussion that takes place at the desk.  Not too efficient.

Maybe one of the wardens should be at the registration desk, asking the question for which you are there and checking to make sure the correct amount, "Pay to the Order of" is correct, etc.  This would be much like what immigration used to do in their office with the receptionist.

Before this forcing function of having a Bank Draft was instituted, one went up for the service and were told the amount to be paid.  You used to pull out your bahts and paid, got a receipt, had the services handled, and be gone!
Rex, you weren't the only one with a bank check problem.  It looked to me like there were many in the same situation.

You are quite right, Mac.  The fees on the ACS website are in dollars.  I know I got the (incorrect) amount from "somewhere," I didn't just make it it--but referring back to the e-mail notification, the correct fees in THB are difficult to miss.  Don't know how I made that goof, but "my bad."

I think I see a trip to Kasikorn Bank tomorrow the cancel the first draft. Such joy!
Please note the service fees are given on the website in dollars. The email notification for the upcoming Outreach will give the service fees in baht. If you did not receive a notification please register for STEP at
Another successful KK Outreach. 88 customers were served. Service started at 11 am and finished after 2 pm. Thank you ACS for a job well done.
I got there at 11:30, was #73 in the queue!!!  Waited  90 minutes for my turn. But had made the bank draft for the wrong amount.  I thought I had taken the correct amount off the website.  But either I goofed or there is a mistake on the website. In any event, mad dash to Bangkok Bank to buy a new draft which I fortunately had the cash for.  Tomorrow, to my Kasikorn bank to cancel the first draft.

This bank draft business is really annoying.  I am sure the Embassy staff isn't exactly thrilled with it either.
Where to find . . . / Re: onion powder and celery seeds
« Last post by russell17au on June 20, 2018, 02:16:30 PM »
I went there earlier today but they did not have any in stock
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