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Fakenews! >:(

We are in town, also using three-stage filter, and no salty taste in the water.

You dodged a bullet this time!  roll

Who the hell ever knows when they are going to decide to be sticklers on some trivial issue and when they are going to go by the "smell test" and approve when everything seems on the up-and-up.

I am going to hope (without expectation) that when the cabinet referred to type OA, that was not sloppy, and that they intended to make a distinction between OA and O. Why on earth they would make such a distinction is beyond me. However, if the meant it, as I have been saying, it saves me B48K which would essentially be an expense that provides NOTHING. I would rather give the money to charity than as a gratuity to BOOOOPA.

When I got my "O" visa at Vientiane late in 2005, I am quite sure I was not asked about financials. It was a long time ago so I might be mistaken, but I don't remember being asked about it. The process was a little complicated because you had to make your application in the morning and then return the next day to collect your visa. I understand that now it is more complicated as you have to make an appointment in advance.


Lots of confusion about this subject.


I think what we will find out sooner or later, is that the insurance will be required for all yearly extensions - at least those extended for retirement.
If not, I see a time when there isn't much call for a Non O-A for a majority of folks.  Not when a Non O will be a better deal.

The second part of this post is speculation.  The first part was not.


Thanks, Terry! As always, your expertise is valued. For me personally, I hope you are wrong, but you probably are not wrong.  The wording re O and OA is clear enough, but I'll bet it was just a careless mis-statement adding an unnecessary layer of confusion into an already confusing discussion. One of the problems is that I had never realized there was a distinction between O and OA until this recent hand grenade has forced me to pay attention.

I think there are too many interpretations of what is required of whom.  It is so early in the process.


Since I have Medical and outpatient Insurance with AIA, I thought I could 'poke' my agent in the eye about how they were responding to this new law.  Of course, he had no idea about it, has to go investigate.  By the way, he is not one of those 'run of the mill' agents, he owns an agency with more than 5 agents working for him.  So he is more than just one of the salespersons.

Thanks Frank.  Typical that "they" decide something sounds like a good idea, pass a law, and toss out the announcement like a hand grenade; no thought to the unintended consequences, how it effects various groups of people,  or how to deal with the inevitable conflicts and questions that must be addressed.


No, Rex, I believe it is not a red herring. Those that are on a Non-Imm "O" 90 day visa with an extension on the basis of retirement or marriage are subjected to have to prove their financials by either seasoned money in a Thai bank account or a proven monthly income. Those that are on a Non-Imm "O-A" 1 year visa for retirement which is obtained from a Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home country are not subjected to any financials so this is one way of getting those retirees to have some type of financial commitment in Thailand. So look out all those that are on 1 year Multi-Entry Marriage visa's obtained without having to show any financials, you could be the next target

I hope you are correct, Russell, at least as it applies to my situation, not wanting to pony up an extra B48K just get get B40K in OPD that I will probably never use.

Are you saying that the OA folks, once they get a retirement/marriage extension, and will then be required to provide financialsl, will no longer be required to prove insurance?  Something doesn't add up.

I assume this is just sloppy writing, but an interesting wrinkle. The wording in one of the original threads on ThaiVisa sez:

"Approved by the Cabinet last month, the new regulation will require expats on the long-stay non-immigrant O-A visa to have health insurance that offers Bt40,000 coverage for outpatient treatment and Bt400,000 for inpatient."

For example, I am on a plain, vanilla "O" visa and annual retirement extension. The wording above makes it sounds like I am exempt from the new regulations. But that must be a red herring, no?

My friend knows one of the mucky-mucks at KK Imm. Called yesterday to ask about the new insurance rules. Her call was the first he had heard about it.  Maybe Frank will learn more.

Wed 15 May 2019, 9:44 pmThanks Savannah!An interesting question came in the comments section of the video you shared about pre-existing conditions. The most common pre-existing condition for older evil, slimy foreigners is hypertension. I think about 1/3 of all older people have it.  Hypertension and quote-unquote "its complications" is excluded by most or all carriers. That means if you have hypertension, you had better hope for cancer because if you have a catastrophic stoker or heart or kidney event, they can blame it on hypertension and deny your claim.That throws a fly into the ointment, doesn't it? Is Imm now supposed to have someone on staff who can read an insurance policy and screen for exclusions that might mean the evil, smelly foreigner might stiff the poor, pitiful hospitals and not pay his bill?  "Oh, Mr. Evil Smelly Foreigner, we see you have that really, really GROOVY BOOOOOPA insurance that you paid B75K for. However, since there are exclusions we can't have you abusing the poor hospitals and not paying your bill. VISA DENIED Now, Thailand is safe from you!  Stamp, stamp, stamp ... "What about policies with high deductibles and/or co-pays? I assume that would get your visa denied because what if you didn't have the cash to pay the deductible or the co-pay?BTW, here is the link to some health insurance alternatives

NEWS FLASH!  Hot off the press from BOOOOPA.  Unless something was lost in the translation, at present my next renewal will cost B72K.  (Oh, joy!).  However, if I upgrade to OPD B75,000 maximum, my new premium will be B120K.  That is an additional B48K for something I don't use.

We don't know how this is going to play out, however at this moment, the literalist interpretation is that if you are unable to obtain the specified coverage, for whatever reason, you will be denied a visa extension and you evil, slimy foreigner must go home. Period. The fact that this might represent an inconvenience and a burden to the evil, slimy foreigner and his spouse and family is not really an issue one way or the other.  Whether or not the sincere intention is to protect the poor, pitiful health care providers from the evil, slimy foreigner, the actual impact is perfectly aligned with the ongoing policy of reducing the number of evil, slimy foreigners living in Thailand. It is really quite "elegant" if you think about it because at this point there isn't any obvious work-around as there might be with other visa regulations. If you can't get the coverage, you cant get the coverage. Sorry, Charlie!

If there is sufficient demand, maybe the various carriers will form a pool ofr the outliers.  Bet that will cost a bundle.

Where to find . . . / Re: The Computer Doctor is In!
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:51:29 AM »
B3,000 = 480 GB SSD  (for programs)
B1,300 =  1 TB regular hard drive  (for data)

B   700 = SERVICE


This is way more capacity than the average person wants or needs. But I don't drink, use drugs, or play golf, so I guess it is OK to indulge myself and splurge B5,000.

Tks for the link.  You raise good point. The problem is that this sort of thing is usually announced without having thought through the various unintended consequences and adjustments that might have to be made to make all the square pegs fit into the round holes. What you end up with is a lot of confusion and the final decisions left up to the individual Imm offices, which can come up with very different interpretations.

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