Adding material from outside sources to your posts


Rex (Admin):
Fri 26 Jan 2018, 8:45 pm

Adding material from outside sources to your posts

Hi ForumMates!

New guy, Russell, was courteous enough to check with me about an article he wanted to share on the forum.  Tks, Russell!

You might have noticed that I sometimes take liberties and add the full text from articles and such from outside sources. As Admin, I make the decision to do that for myself, and will take the flak if there is a problem.  You guys, feel free to share outside material, however, please follow easy (safe and legal guidelines):

1. Copy and paste the first paragraph of the article. If the paragraph is really enormous, just copy 250 words or 5-10 lines, and paste it into the body of your post.

2. Name the source that it came from (e.g., New York Times)

3. Paste the link to the article.

If it is a really big, ugly link, please use bitly  or Tiny URL or one of the other URL shorteners to make it more tidy and ensure that it will actually work.  You can add bitly  as a Chrome plugin, so all you need to do to capture a short link of the page you are viewing is to click on the bitly button.

Nothing to it!  Thanks, lah!

Have a looksee at the Users Guide for tutorials and instructions on how to do things on the forum.


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