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So you take your life into your hands by riding your bike on 230.  WOW!  Impressive!  Most people including some of the big trucks when they are empty travel at least at 110 Km/hr.  I know I do.
Cinema (Movies) / Winchester, Call me by your name
« Last post by Rex (Admin) on Today at 10:49:48 AM »
Thu  22 Feb 2018, 10:41 am

New movies with English soundtrack this week:




Black Panther
Order sent.
Money to follow next week.
Thanks for the great service.
Thankyou Sir
Discuss Travel / Re: Travel Insurance
« Last post by screamer on February 23, 2018, 11:03:15 PM »

I wouldn't travel without it.

I've only really had to use it a couple of times, once when I had to cancel a trip to Thailand the day before I was due to leave and the other when I broke my ankle skiing.

I wouldn't dream of going to the USA without it as any medical costs can run into $millions.
Where to find . . . / Re: dimmer switch & CFL (compact florescent) bulbs ???
« Last post by Rex (Admin) on February 23, 2018, 10:38:49 PM »
Frank, I have heard that thing referred to as The Ring Road ever since I came to KKC.  I never heard the word "bypass" until you used it the other day. Never heard of it in the U.S., either.  Maybe they don't have bypasses in California???

Anyway, On my bicycle ride, I take 230 every morning and go past SCG.  Never knew I was on no damn bypass!  For all of that, never know I was on the Ring Road.  I knew it was around here somewhere, but never sure exactly where.  Now I know!
Where to find . . . / Re: dimmer switch & CFL (compact florescent) bulbs ???
« Last post by martin on February 23, 2018, 09:32:04 PM »
Not that it helps Rex in his quest but, in UK, a ring road can be a bypass but a bypass isn't a ring road.

In KK's case, if we had only the bit of the ring road that goes (say) east of the city, not the western bit, it'd be a bypass. But since we have 2 bypasses (east & west) that join each other, they make a complete circuit or 'ring'.

Roi Et's similar - north & south bypasses connect to form a ring road.

So simple.

I think the UK & US (probably NZ, Oz, Canada as well) terminologies are pretty much the same and this is just unnecessary complication. I certainly understand both without any problem at all.

Sorry Rex, this discussion of ring roads/bypasses gets you nowhere. Except that maybe you'll feel like going round and round the ring road (or 2 bypasses, if you prefer) and disappearing up your own ar53.
Discuss Travel / Travel Insurance
« Last post by fceligoj on February 23, 2018, 09:05:22 PM »
At  an earlier time in my life, I would never even consider it.  I think at that point in time, travel insurance was more of a ripoff than it is today, very limited coverage and fairly expensive.

Anyway, has anyone had any experience using it?  On our trip to New Zealand, I bought the package for the two of us directly from the airlines, JUST IN CASE.  (My US medical insurance would not cover anything and if I remember, New Zealand almost required you to have it so you would not become a burden on their government health care system.)

Now we are going to the US, where I am covered but my wife is not.  Her Thai Medical Plan that we purchased from AIA does cover internationally, but only for medical items.  If I buy under the ticketing by United, it reasonable but more expensive than if we bought from an insurance company here in Thailand such as AXA.

Again, has anyone had any experience in these endeavors?
Food, Dining, Restaurants / Re: Nookies delights,frozen foods & dry goods
« Last post by Red Parrot Fish on February 23, 2018, 09:00:05 PM »
Order sent.
Money to follow next week.
Thanks for the great service.
Where to find . . . / Re: dimmer switch & CFL (compact florescent) bulbs ???
« Last post by Red Parrot Fish on February 23, 2018, 08:58:13 PM »
In England it is called a bypass.
Where to find . . . / Re: dimmer switch & CFL (compact florescent) bulbs ???
« Last post by fceligoj on February 23, 2018, 08:57:15 PM »
Maybe you guys from Europe or the Middle East call it a "ring road", but typically here in thailand and in the US, it is called a bypass since it "by passes" a major city so you don't have the stop 'n' go of the traffic lights from one side to the other!

Anyway, Rex, if you go down Klang Muang Road South to the BYPASS, or Rt 230, then turn left.  About 1.5 Km you will see the SCG HOME SOLUTION sign on the right side of the road.  Go to the first Uturn after the sighting and follow the road back to the store.  It is a small store from a retail outlet perspective, really tied more to the commercial construction industry.

If AE goes with you, she can explain to them what you need. The girls may have to go and get someone more technical.  I think they are there just to smile at customers!
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